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Harry & Hermione

Last Icon Maker Standing

Last Icon Maker Standing, Harry/Hermione style
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Harry Potter & Hermione Granger Last Icon Maker Standing

hhr_lims is a last icon maker standing community dedicated to the relationship between Harry Potter & Hermione Granger of Harry-Potterdom.

If you have any questions or comments contact the current mod or leave a comment in an entry.

& All prospective participants must JOIN the community in order to participate. It's up to you if you'd like to watch it, but you may miss important posts regarding reminders and/or changes.

& If you'd like to participate, leave a comment at the signup post with the username you'll be participated with. Signups happen once a round. If you miss them you must wait until the next round starts.

& Every week, a new challenge will be posted. Rules may vary but the standards must be followed regardless: all icons must meet LJ standards (<= 40kbs; <=100x100pixels; .gif, .png, .jpg), all entries must be posted as a comment to the challenge post (comments are screened), and entries must be new and made specifically for the challenge.

& You must enter every challenge unless you have been eliminated or have an available skip. All participants start with one skip. To earn another skip, advertise the comm and leave a comment here with the link.

Please post in the following format:



& Every week, voting will take place. But because this is a LIMS contest you will be voting for your least favorite icons. The voters decide who will be eliminated every challenge so it is essential that as many people vote as possible.

& Each voting period, leave a comment in the post with the icons you wish to eliminate. All elimination votes must have an objective reason(s) for the vote against the icon. Please keep personal pronouns out of your sentence(s).

& After 48 hours (or so), voting will close and the results will be posted. The person with the most negative votes will be eliminated and can no longer compete in the current round. The person with the most votes will recieve "people's choice" and another icon will recieve "mod's choice."

For a thorough run through of acceptable voting, take a look at xenylamine's post (rules are slightly different here, but the information on comments is very beneficial).


Friday: New Challenge
Wednesday: Reminder is posted.
Friday: Voting/New Challenge
Sunday: Results. Eliminations and winners will be posted along with tallies.

previous winners:

session 1: first: arishokku. second: luna_buffay
session 2: first: arishokku. second: michygeary
session 3: first: arishokku. second: willowcanne
session 4: first: lil_pixiedevil. second: willowcanne
session 5: first: willowcanne. second: tubby2747
session 6: first: hot_radcliffe. second: azi_69_daniela


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If you would like to affiliate, leave a comment in the most recent entry.

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